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Respond Better.

We help agencies respond better to serve their communities in order to save life & property through objective analysis.  

Leaders can then be confident to make decisions about deployment, performance, & obtaining resources to build an effective response agency.

Our Services

Our Services

Emergency Service leaders are frustrated trying to make crucial decisions with a lack of information or analysis.

Data Crunching

Complex processes that require an objective perspective to make good decisions, validate hunches, & gain buy-in from sources of monies in order to implement strategic initiatives...

GIS Analytics & Mapping

When things happen, they happen somewhere.

GIS analytics are an absolute must for emergency service leadership.  Making things worse, many agencies lack the appropriate staff to..

Accrediation Frustration

Agencies struggle to become or maintain this credential.  Their managers have competing priorities or have a budgetary limits. Often managers either leave, get promoted...

Station/Unit Locations

Old, outdated and small stations may need to be relocated.  New developments may require more stations....

Feasibility Studies

How do you know if you should expand or consolidate?  What difference would that extra unit make?   Is it worth it?

Community Risk

How to make sense of the variety of risks in your community.  Environmental, social, demographic, and climatic are just a few...

A Few of Our Happy Clients

Robert has assisted us in navigating the International Fire Service Accreditation process, provides the analytics to lower our ISO score to a Class 1, and provided GIS based response zones and new station locations. I highly recommend him to any organization that needs practical analytics and GIS based services

Dr. Marion Blackwell, Spartanburg FD

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