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Why Choose Response GIS?

1.  Get someone in the know

The truth is that ordinary data and geoanalytics folks are not fire rescue savvy having never stretched a hose or banged an IV on the job. 

  • They don’t understand your language or methods. 

  • They don’t know the right questions to ask. 

  • You don’t know how to communicate to them in their geekspeak.

  • “Yeah, but I got a line guy who knows this stuff”.  (Do they really? Aren’t they first a firefighter or paramedic?) See “Forget about Turnover”.


We've had our boots on the ground for many years.  We are full-time professionals dedicated to the betterment of fire rescue services through data and geographic intelligence.  We have decades of project experience across the country to provide a unique resource for your department.

2. Get it Turned Around

You need analytics now for whatever reason.  Grants, reports, the city manager or mayor is breathing down your neck.  Your line guy is off for a stretch and the town hall people seem to have a ‘take a number’ machine as soon as you walk in.  They are bombarded with other projects from parks, schools, police, tax assessor, and the mayor herself.  This fire department/EMS stuff will be completed whenever they get to it. 


We are the resource that you can turn to for immediate attention to your project.  You are the client and most important to us. 

3. Forget about Turnover

Just when you get comfortable with your inside techie, they leave for greener pastures or promote up into another role leaving you with a gap in service.   We are here to fill that gap permanently. 

4. Be a Budget Superstar.

The cost of training, continuing education, software fees, maintenance contracts, conferences, benefits and salary can add up significantly for a department techie.  Many departments simply cannot afford to support this position.  

We have competitive rates and you can use us only when you need us or retain us on a period basis for even more savings. Plus, you won’t need to make space in the office. 

5. Be Objective

Want to avoid the look of suspicion from your stakeholders presenting your results of analysis?  Have an objective, third party like us generate the report.  Doing this will ensure that the results are received with confidence and get you the resources you need.

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